Capstone Company Network

Task 1:

Installing and Configuring VM Ware ESXI 7 on Server

Change the physical computer IP to the ESXI Server

Create one Windows VM on Server to be First Domain Controller

Create DHCP Scope

Task 2:

Connect into Router and Switch through PuTTy

Configure Hostname, MOTD Banner, SVI address, and SSH Access on Switch

Configure Hostname, MOTD Banner, Physical Connection to Switch, IP address to switch, Loopback Address, and SSH Access on Router

Task 3:

Create 2 new Windows PC’s one Domain Controller and Office PC

Install Active Domain on both domain controllers

Created AD domain named Bancheri.Capstone

Connect the Domain Controller 2 and PC to Domain

Use Powershell Script to add all companies users with Limited Permissions

Create IT Admin for Admin account

Task 4:

Adding new hard drive to VM Ware Server by adding new data store

Create and Configure Vlan’s for each type of device (Vlan 10, Vlan 20, Vlan 30, and Vlan 40)

Make new DHCP Scopes for all Vlan’s

Make Virtual Vlan’s in the ESXI virtual switch

Confirming DHCP works on all devices

Task 5:

Installing RADIUS on Domain Controller 2

Configure RADIUS on Switch and Router

Create a network OU

Create 2 New groups Network Engineers and Network Techs

Create 2 new Users for new groups

Make sure Network Engineer has full access

Make sure Network Tech only has read only permissions

Install TFTP and Configure